Cass McCombs Chords


You Saved My Life

D (D5add9)  |xx0230 
B           |x20030
A (A5add9)  |x02200
C           |332010


 E   F# G  Cadd9        B     A            Am7
Here I stand alive you...     alive...   ...You saved...


Em D    B     D
In this spare room
A         Em          D           C
we better see what we have and whom
Em     D      B        D
An I.O.U. for the Same Thing
A    Em     D    C
Only angels have wings, so they say


Em  F# G      C
Here I stand, alive unto you

My fate's mercy seat
sought blood to gulp and flesh to eat
And I can't blame you enough
but I'm indebted to your mercy and your love

Here I stand, alive unto you
alive unto you
because you saved my life
Now I see there's so much to lose
so much to lose
because you saved my life


Darling, now I
must live for you
D                         E
One reprieve grants another
F#                 G
until each world is born anew

Em D B D
A Em D C

Never understand, never can ignore
I'm rotten to the core, since 1994

*he's sliding a C-like chord up the neck. I don't know exactly what he's playing but these are the bass notes