Cass McCombs Chords



G Am Bm C

C D Em C

G                            Am
Subtraction, subtraction, subtraction
Bm                          C
It's my duty It's my duty and passion
C                                                            D
If I could, even for a moment, I would strip the hue out of my hair
Em                                       C
And I'm not the kind I'm not the kind to care

G                                            Am
Step into the dead oak, Take away all light, every glimmer
Bm                              C
Find a church Find a church and finish your dinner
C                                                             D
Subtracting is a gift we all can use To make the blood inside pump clear
Em                                               C
Because I'm not the one I'm not the one I should fear

G                         Am
Human skull, human skull, human skull
Bm                         C
Without body Without body, I feel your pull
C                                                          D
The pulling of my chest by the lexus Of your white cranial bone
Em                                             C  
In other words In other words, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE

G                                Am
Drip by drip, number after number, It all will fall
Bm                          C
Minus Klock Minus Klock and minus Paul
C                                                                  D
The skull returns, taking flight, Ascending without chest and without sound
Em                                   C
Until I'm one Until I'm one with the ground