Cass McCombs Chords



capo 4th fret

Intro: G C

C                            Bm
Friend of mine let me show you
        C                              G (C)
how the days in-between have become so few

C                        Bm   Em
Friend of mine united by dream
C                                       G (C)
Make me a part of you and I will you of me

Friend of mine, forever let us travel high
to understand not only the how but the why

Friend of mine fades to black
does this belong to you? I pull the knife from my back

I lept from the cliff into a pool 
of Jersey river water
The silly sideburn began its effects

I smashed my arm and my leg on the rock going down
but when I rose from the depths, and nearly death 
what a friendly world I found!

D7              G (C)
A friend is the end
A friend is the end
A friend is the end